Adult Sunday School Series: The Defense of the Faith

Lesson 1: The Apologetics of Jesus, part 1

Lesson 2: The Apologetics of Jesus, part 2

Lesson 3: Arguments for Gentiles (Acts)

Lesson 4: Ontological Argument

Lesson 5: Cosmological Argument

Lesson 6: Teleological Argument

Lesson 7: Argument from Reason

Lesson 8: Calvin and Alvin: God is Properly Basic

Lesson 9: Moral Argument

Lesson 10: Problem of Evil part 1 (Irenaeus, Hick)

Lesson 11: Problem of Evil part 2 (Augustine, Leibniz)

Lesson 12: Problem of Evil part 3 (Job, St. Paul)

Lesson 13: New Testament documents: Lost in transmission? 

Lesson 14: New Testament documents: Internal, external evidence

Lesson 15: Hidden in plain sight: search for “historical” Jesus

Lesson 16: Who do you say that I am? The Self-Disclosure of Jesus

Lesson 17: Resurrection, part 1

Lesson 18: Resurrection, part 2

Lesson 19: Inspiration of Scripture

Lesson 20: Inerrancy of Scripture

Lesson 21: Question of Method

Lesson 22: Why I am a Christian (and why you should be too)

Morning Sermon Series: Romans 12

A Living Sacrifice (Romans 12:1)

The Pattern of This Age (Romans 12:2)

Do not Be Conformed (Romans 12:2)

Be Transformed (Romans 12:2)

One Body in Christ (Romans 12:3-5)

God’s Gifts to His Church (Romans 12:6-8)

Love in Action, part 1 (Romans 12:9-13)

Love in Action, part 2 (Romans 12:9-13)

Love the World, part 1 (Romans 12:14-17)

Love the World, part 2 (Romans 12:14-17)

Live at Peace (Romans 12:18)

Overcome Evil With Good (Romans 12:18-21)