Pro-Life in America

Child at 24 weeks

Child at 24 weeks

Recently a Gallup poll reported that the majority of Americans call themselves “pro-life” for the first time since Roe v Wade decision. Predictably, Gallup has been widely criticized for lack of nuance in its poll. After all, many Americans may identify themselves as personally pro-life, but support full legal access for others who choose to abort their children. Even President Obama voiced his desire to reduce abortions in the United States.

It may be that the majority of Americans still desire abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” But it is not at all clear that the majority of Americans support publicly subsidizing of abortion or the radical pro-choice agenda pushed by the current administration.

  • Do you believe that tax payers should supply one third of Planned Parenthood’s $1 billion dollar budget?
  • Do you believe that the federal government should invalidate all state restrictions on abortion, including parental notification laws, informed consent laws, and bans on partial birth abortion?
  • Do you believe we should repeal the conscience clause and require all doctors and health care professionals to perform abortions, even if doing so violates their conscience and their understanding of the Hippocratic oath?

Our federal government has long subsidized Planned Parenthood, the nations leading provider of elective abortions, and we expect to see the level of public funding increase dramatically. President Obama also promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which will remove all state restrictions. Perhaps most shocking is that Health and Human Services is working to repeal the conscience clause that protects medical professionals from being compelled to perform abortions.
Our President stated his opinion that mothers should be free to navigate these ethical waters and have the right to a safe and legal abortion. But what about the freedom and conscience of the healthcare professional? How can we claim to uphold the first amendment with a law that so clearly violates the religious convictions of so many? Forcing doctors to perform abortions against their conscience is not morally different from China’s policy of forced abortions for second pregnancies. China compels the conscience of the mother, while Obama is attempting to compel the conscience of the doctor or nurse.

Of course the pro-life movement has been severely set back by the schizophrenic loon who murdered Dr. George Tiller, one the few late term abortion providers in the country. Being pro-life means that we uphold the command “thou shall not murder.” The Bible categorically rejects all vigilantism (Deut 32:35; Rom 12:19) and places the sword of justice in the hands of government alone (Rom 13:1-7). Even when our leaders get it horribly wrong, Christians are called to suffer unjustly and to entrust ourselves to God’s future judgment (1 Peter 2:13-25).

As a Christian church we will not back down from the claim that elective abortions take human life, and we will not hesitate to identify it as sin. We also insist that sin must be taken to the cross of Jesus Christ, and that his blood is sufficient to atone for all sin, even murder. We are all in the same boat; we are all sinners. God alone is holy, but his grace is free and forgiveness is available for those who repent and believe.