Dec 3

Adult Sunday School Lesson: The Forgotten Luther, part 3 Sermon: Luke 21:25-33 “Your Redemption Is Drawing Near”

November 26

Adult Sunday School: The Forgotten Luther, part 2 Sermon: Philippians 4:10-20, The Secret to Thankfulness

Nov 19

Adult Sunday School lesson: The Forgotten Luther Sermon: Varieties of False Faith (Romans 10:5-8) Thank Offering Sunday: For Worldwide Outreach (which funds Foreign and Home Missions and Christian Education)

November 12

9:45 AM Adult Sunday School Lesson: Assurance, part 2 11:00AM Worship Service Sermon: “Christ the End of the Law” (Romans 10:1-4)

November 5

Adult Sunday School Lesson: Assurance of Salvation, part 1 Sermon: Romans 9:30-33 “Stumbling Over Christ”