December 31

Adult Sunday school: The Satanic Panic Sermon: Romans 10:8-9 “Jesus the Resurrected Lord”

11AM Service December 24

No Sunday school classes this Sunday 11:00 AM Christmas Eve Service Matthew 2:13-23 “Called Out of Egypt”

December 17 special start time 10:00AM

This coming Sunday, December 17, our worship service will begin at 10:00AM. There are no Sunday School classes. We will plan to clear out shortly after 11:00 so that Temple… Read more »

Dec 10

Sunday School: Forgotten Luther, part 4 Sermon: Isaiah 55:1-13 “The Salvation of the Lord Revealed”

Dec 3

Adult Sunday School Lesson: The Forgotten Luther, part 3 Sermon: Luke 21:25-33 “Your Redemption Is Drawing Near”