Covid-19 Safety Plan 3.0

Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church 1501 E. Alvin Ave., Santa Maria, CA 93454

In light of the continuing viral spread in Santa Barbara County, the need for coordinated public caution to slow the spread, the challenges Redeemer faces in holding outdoor services, and in compliance with our state government, we have resolved that, beginning July 19, we will return to live-stream worship services only.

We gather as a congregation on Zoom for the ministry of praise and prayer, and the Word. If you would like to visit us, you can contact us via phone or email for the Zoom link. The live-stream sermons are recorded and cross-posted to our Facebook page.

We anticipate that we will continue live-stream only services through August 9, but we recognize that the date for gathering in-person may be pushed back further still.

Pandemics don’t last forever. The Church of Jesus Christ has survived through many pandemics and plagues. It has survived through famine, war, and the dissolution of nations and empires. “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken” (Hebrews 12:28).

Covid Safety Plan 2.0

Description and Background:

Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church (RPC) is located within the City of Santa Maria and the County of Santa Barbara, CA. RPC does not own a building but rents the property belonging to Temple Beth El in which to conduct their worship service.  The church has a membership of 60 with a pre-pandemic average weekly attendance about 50 persons, which includes visitors. A weekly worship service is held on Sunday morning for approximately 1.5 hours with no Sunday school classes conducted during the reopening periods. The church is only open for the worship service and has no office at this location, but rather has a separate location for administrative purposes. The sanctuary has a maximum occupancy rating of 112 and is furnished with chairs aligned in two blocks of rows with an aisle in the middle and aisles along the outside walls. The front of the church has an 18” high platform with two podiums, which places the minister a minimum of 15 feet from anyone seated in the closest row of chairs. In the context of the pandemic and during the stay-at-home order, we anticipate several of our regular attendees and visitors to remain at home due to age, infirmity, and personal choice.

Santa Barbara County RISE Self-Certification for Reopening

1. Facility Specific Plan:

1.1 Mr. Keith Mougeotte is responsible for the overall implementation of this plan, including the cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

1.2. A risk assessment has been done and measures to prevent the spread of the virus are contained in this document.

1.3. RPC has no employees other than pastor. The church is run by volunteers who are members, which will help with this plan. They were be given copies of it and trained on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

1.4. All volunteers who are trained on this plan will monitor for compliance and report any deficiencies to the Mr. Mougeotte for immediate correction. Any reported deficiencies will be noted in our “COVID Incident Log”, which will be kept at the facility.

1.5. If we observe any congregants or visitors exhibiting known COVID symptoms (as per “SBCPHD COVID-19 Customer Health Guidance” signage), we will ask that person about their symptoms and, if confirmed, ask the person (and their family group) leave the building. We will stay in contact, to ascertain their subsequent health condition, and alert the local health department. The incident would be noted on our “COVID Incident Log.”

2. Topics for Volunteer Training

2.1. Volunteers will be familiar with this plan and the “SBCPHD-COVID-19 Stop the Spread” signage.  They shall be prepared to educate congregants and visitors as needed, which include the importance of hand-washing, the importance of physical distancing, and the required use of face coverings in our facility. Face coverings are NOT REQUIRED for children under age thirteen and PROHIBITED for children under the age of two.

2.2. Volunteers will be familiar with the known COVID-19 symptoms, trained on the home self-screening procedure for congregants and visitors, and how to fill out the “Attendance Check Log.”

2.3. Volunteers will be trained on use of single-use Worship documents and give instruction to congregants and visitors upon arrival.

3. Individual Control Measures & Screening

3.1. All members will be notified of the requirement that they self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before leaving home to attend any worship service in our facility. Everyone entering our facility for a worship service must attest to any COVID-19 symptoms they may have and that their body temperature is normal. Attendance and compliance will be logged in the Attendance Check Log. People who are sick will be asked to stay home.

3.2 All attendees will be notified by conspicuous signage of our disinfecting procedures, and the availability of disposable gloves and hand-sanitizer upon entry of the facility

3.3. Conspicuous signage will be posted requiring that face coverings be worn in our facility, and that physical distancing must be observed between family units.  Face coverings are NOT REQUIRED for children under age thirteen and PROHIBITED for children under the age of two.

3.4. In addition to notifying members and regular attenders, all of the above measures for COVID-19 Control & Screening will be posted on the church website,

3.5. All documentation set forth in this COVID-19 Protection Plan will be maintained at the worship location.

4. Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols.

4.1. Prior to each service, the following areas will be disinfected: entry door edges, handles and push plates; light switches and temperature controls; the podium, microphones, sound system, and the piano.

4.2. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be made readably available.

4.3. Congregants must bring their own bibles and take them with them when they leave the building.  Single-use Worship documents will be provided for each service as needed. Any left behind after the service will be collected and thrown away.

4.4 RPC will not engage in congregational singing or recitations.

4.5. RPC will not collect offerings during the worship service.  Instead, a box or basket for offerings will be available.  Congregants may also mail their offerings directly to the church treasurer.

4.6 Communion will not be celebrated.

4.7. Sanitary facilities will be stocked with hand soap and paper towels.

4.8. RPC does not use religious garments or linens.

4.9. Hand-washing signs will be posted in all restrooms.

4.10. All refreshments and potlucks service are discontinued.

5. Physical Distancing

5.1. The Volunteers will remind congregants and visitors to observe six-foot distancing.

5.2. RPC has limited capacity maximum of 28 people (25% of the 112 maximum building occupancy).  Additional seating will be available outdoors for over flow if needed.

5.3. No weddings, funerals or other large events will be conducted that exceed the maximum seating allowed (See 5.2).

5.4. No nursery services will be offered. Children will remain in the care of their household group.

5.5. Hand-shaking and other physical contact will be discouraged outside of household groups.

5.6. Restrooms face mask and social distancing requirements posted on their doors.

5.7. Where the minister/speaker stands at the podium at the front of the sanctuary places him at least 15 feet from the nearest seating row. No modification is necessary to the podium.  The minister/speakers are not required to wear a face mask while in the pulpit.

5.8. RPC will continue to conduct webcast services and encourage congregants to use those webcast services if they are vulnerable and should avoid in-person services.

5.9. Redeemer OPC will continue to use video conferencing and conference calls for other non-worship meetings as appropriate.

We attest the information provided for Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church is true and correct.

Signature for Keith Mougeotte