Trinity-Hymnal-e1406390637472Congregational singing is dying off in many churches today. The reason is that as Churches increasingly view the ministry of music as specialized performance and a form of entertainment, and the average Christian thinks “enjoy the show; no need to sing along.”

We believe, however, that congregational singing is a duty and privilege to be practiced and cultivated in all churches. Let every member of the church take part in this act of worship. God’s people should sing, not merely with the lips, but with understanding and with grace in their hearts, making melody to the Lord.

As public worship is for the praise and glory of God and the building up of the saints, not for the entertainment of the congregation nor the praise of man, the character of the songs used therein is to befit the nature of God and the purpose of worship.

At Redeemer we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that reflect the full scope of divine revelation. This includes Biblical Psalms set to meter, classic hymns and the very best of modern hymnody.

In the choice of song for public worship, great care is taken that all the materials of song are fully in accord with the Scriptures. The words are suitable for the worship of God and the tunes are appropriate to the meaning of the words and to the occasion of public worship. Care is taken to the end that the songs chosen will express those specific truths which are appropriate at the time of their use in the worship service.

Musical gifts are properly used in public worship to assist the congregation in its worship of God.

happiness_is_singing_in_choirThe RPC Choir is a vital part of our ministry of praise. While the choir provides special music throughout the year, it also promotes the goal of congregational singing. Singing in the choir helps develop one’s musical ear, improved singing technique, sight reading and harmony. Additionally, Choir practice is a great opportunity for fellowship and sharing a meal together.