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Learning Together: The worship service at Redeemer is a time for the entire family to learn and worship God together. We believe it is vital that children learn, even from the youngest ages, to participate with their parents in the life of the church. They will quickly learn the Apostles Creed, the 10-Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer. As they grow older their Christian knowledge and maturity will continue to grow as well.

The preaching of the Word, the power of God unto salvation, is indispensable in the public worship of God. It is of supreme importance that we preach only the Word of God, not the wisdom of man, and that we handle the Word of God correctly, always setting forth Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. In the sermon, God addresses the congregation by the mouth of his servant, and through his Spirit opens the ears of his people.

Our pastor seeks to prepare each sermon prayerfully and diligently. He does not use a text merely as a point of departure, but takes pains to expound the chosen text, bringing in other texts as applicable, carefully explaining the meaning, and diligently applying the particular text(s) for the salvation and edification of the congregation. He seeks to make his exposition and application of the Scriptures clear and simple, and to demonstrate that Christian belief is joined to Christian living.

Nothing is more necessary than that the gospel of salvation by grace be proclaimed without any compromise, in order that we may learn to rely for salvation only on the grace of God in Christ, to the exclusion of our own works or character, ascribing all glory to God alone for our salvation. Our preacher seeks to instruct the congregation in the whole counsel of God, exhort the congregation to more perfect obedience to Christ, and warn them of the sins and dangers that are around them and within them. communion

Sunday School [no classes until covid-19 is under control] 

Classes are offered for various ages. We currently offer two classes for our children. We use the excellent curriculum from Great Commissions Publications, “Show Me Jesus.” The adult class is an opportunity to learn about theology, church history, critical issues in Biblical studies and Bible survey.