Our Denomination

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

The Redeemer Church is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. This name may sound strange to you, and I understand why.

When you saw the word ‘orthodox’ you may have brought to mind the Greek or Russian Orthodox Churches, which conjured up images of robed priests, medieval icons, burning incense, and an incomprehensible liturgy. Similarly the word ‘Presbyterian’ is often associated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), which denomination is known for its weak stance on Biblical truth. If this were what ‘Orthodox Presbyterian’ referred to it would be a church that I would not want anything to do with.

Why the name?
The job of an orthodontist is to straighten your teeth. The prefix ‘ortho’ originates from the Greek language and it means ‘straight.’ ‘Dox’ comes from a Greek word for ‘thinking.’ For us, the word ‘orthodox’ does not mean following dead traditionalism, but ‘straight thinking’ that comes from straight teaching from the Bible.

‘Presbyterian’ refers to the government of the church. Ministers and elders elected by the people of a local congregation govern that congregation. The ministers and elders in a region will gather several times a year to take care of matters that are of common concern (such as planting new churches and examining and ordaining men for the pastoral ministry). Representative elders from all of these regions gather annually to deliberate and give advice on matters that affect the whole church. In a truly Presbyterian church, therefore, there is no higherarchy, but there is mutual accountability.

Our Character
The OPC does not stand for ‘Only Perfect Church.’ It is not a perfect church; no church is. But we believe that the OPC strives to understand and obey the will of God revealed in Scripture.

The OPC is committed to the Great Commission and ambitiously plants new churches at home and all over the world and recently has experienced remarkable growth. It also demonstrates compassion for the poor and for victims of catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes.

Although the OPC is not large by many standards, it is not isolated the rest of Christ’s church. It engages in ecumenical discussions with other biblically Reformed churches in order to perfect the unity that Christ desires for his people.

We welcome you to visit our congregation and learn more about the work that God is doing through the OPC.

Our History